Convert IP Multicast Address to Multicast MAC Address

To start, we can pick any address from the 32 IP addresses we converted above. Let’s pick a random one like

1. First convert the address to binary:

11100011 : 10001010 : 00000000 : 00000001
We’re only concerned with the red colored portion which represents the low-order 23bits of the IP address.
Notice that we are dropping the high order bit of the second octet.

2. Convert those 23 bits to hexadecimal: 


3. We already know that the first 3-bytes (24 bits) of the MAC address is 01:00:5E. This was established earlier in the article. Simply append the result on step 2 to the first 3-bytes and you have your MAC address: 

*You can pick any of the 32 Ip addresses we have on the list above and you will always get 01:00:5E:0A:00:01 as your MAC address following the steps just mentioned.



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