Password, It can Save/Safe Life

[Do this now]

We use password to authenticate our self in this digital age, But do we think about authenticating the person whom we sent to pick our Kid during difficult time, A Password with your Kid can save/safe his/her life. Do this right away and remember idea this for your lifetime and repeat. Do remember to change the passwords like we do.

1. Testimony (Via Facebook)

We did this with both of our children. Thank God they never had to use it, but my son had a friend who did. She told a teacher “He doesn’t know the password, I can’t go with him.” Children are smarter than people sometimes give them credit for.

2. Learn about Password

A method to memorize a complex password is to remember a sentence like ‘This year I go to Italy on Friday July 6!‘ and use the first characters as the actual password. In this case TyIgtIoFJ6!‘.

In 2013, Google released a list of the most common password types, all of which are considered insecure because they are too easy to guess (especially after researching an individual on social media)

  • The name of a pet, child, family member, or significant other
  • Anniversary dates and birthdays
  • Birthplace
  • Name of a favorite holiday
  • Something related to a favorite sports team
  • The word “password”

Read the article about Password from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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