5.1 Multi-channel Audio

5.1 (“five point one”) is the common name for six channel surround sound multichannel audio systems. 5.1 is now the most commonly used layout in both commercial cinemas and home theaters.It uses five full bandwidth channels and one low-frequency effects channel (the “point one”). Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, and SDDS are all common 5.1 systems. 5.1 is also the standard surround sound audio component of digital broadcast and music.


Download 5.1 tracks

a) 5.1 Music Track – Tamil



b) 5.1 Music Track – Hindi


c) Listening to 5.1 on your Home Theatre

Check if your Home Theatre supports playing 5.1 from USB. You should check the supported audio formats and codecs supports (Documented in the user manual).

For eg. HT-F5550  Samsung Blu-Ray Home Theater system, supports WMA 5.1 version 9 codec. i.e It can play music in 5.1 mode if you have your track as WMA file encoded with 5.1 track using version 9 codec. Here is a tool amalgamated from various programs and SDK to convert DTS or DTS HD music track downloaded from above sites to WMA 5.1. Works well with 32-bit of windows.

DTS/DTS HD to WMA 5.1 Convertor


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