Summary–NAC 2014, Bangalore

National Achievers Conference 2014, Bangalore


Success Resources has had the pleasure of hosting the world’s best speakers and coaches at the National Achievers Congress throughout its 22-year history including: Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group; Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK; Bill Clinton, former President of the United States; Anthony Robbins, the world’s number one success coach; Donald Trump, Billionaire and Real Estate Mogul. Every event sees more than 5,000 participants at each event in countries all over the world. They come from all walks of life, representing industries across the board to meet and interact with legendary success icons. For the first time in India, we are proud to bring to you Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad together with a panel of International speakers. 

Why to become Rich

  • Lifestyle
  • Contribution
  • To become the person who I want to be (Passion, etc)

Summary (As captured)

  • World treats you is based on How you treat yourself.
  • Hungry for success.
  • Questions – Hook the mind, Don’t believe, experience self
  • Mistake = Opportunity to learning.
  • Assert = Cash Flow.
  • The Harder people work – Make less Money.
  • Rich want’s Assert; Poor Want’s Paycheck.
  • God Made GOLD, Man Made MONEY!!
  • Way to be Rich : (a) Business, (b) Real Estate, (c) Papers – Stocks, mutual funds, equivity, etc,  (d) Commodity (Gold, etc).
  • Book is an Advertisement, But didn’t look so, Has high value, open doors, get speaking engagement.
  • Try to connect with people : Provide an ebook for download after signup (Name, Email Address).
  • Digital Marketing – Information Business – Any body can you it, Low cost – High profit, Fully automated, No limit.
  • Monthly cash flow = Rent – (Mortgage + Maintenance cost + Operating cost + Cost of deposit).
  • Multi-Rent Property = More income from Rent.
  • Everything is Negotiable, Value my time and Ask powerful questions, Knowing Vs Owning, Kids natural state – Learning, Growth happens in the struggle.
  • 3 key to success – Become an Expert, Passionately share and Play the world game.
  • Plan to win : Success principles, Change Management, Negotiation, Resource Management and Strategic alliances.
  • Ability to unlearn and relearn
  • Emotional health + Mental health
  • Unintended choices results in unwanted results
  • Awaking your destiny – a) Find your gift (What are you good at), b) Find a mentor, c) Take consistent actions (Actions creates traction), d) Engage the universe, e) Stay with faith
  • “I believe in you” – Powerful words
  • Abrakadabra – I create as I speak
  • Clear the under current, Master your fear, Embrace the success in you!!
  • How did I get into this situation and think How can I get out of this Situation.
  • Fruits of the invisible (Roots), To fix the fruit, fix the root.
  • Thoughts > Feeling > Action = Results
  • My inner world is the outer world, Who we are at the outside is who we are at the inside.
  • Powerful communication skill give you a passport to the world
  • Selling : Who are you? What do you have ? Why should I care ?
  • It’s not where you start, It’s where you’re going
  • Create a compelling WHY
  • You have an energy signature
  • Employee yourself
  • Relationship capital
  • Write a new story
  • Educate…Mind, Body – Nobody can take it away, Make it useful to others as service.
  • Never Never Never Never Ever Give Up
  • Commit to goal
  • Title – Capture people’s attention
  • Provide your service – More that the pay you get
  • Stand out – Be the best you
  • Get to the top, Bottom is noisy
  • If you do what is Easy, Life will be Hard, If you do what is Hard, Life will be Easy.
  • Hungry : Develop your minimal, Only quality people, Develop your communication skills
  • Play safe Vs Play all out.
  • Big money is made on Big Move…
  • Trader/Trading is like a thermostat – Set Low = Less Money, Set to High = Lots of Money
  • Never quit on yourself, Whatever it takes, What it takes go Big or go Home.
  • Together we can do it!!
  • Blueprint : Marketing, Branding, Relationship, Coaching
  • Powered by your success.
  • Key to Business : Marketing, Branding, Attract buyers, Raise capital, Network with Millionaires…
  • Branding with association – Photos with celebrities.
  • Money is like fuel to car, it is not the journey nor the destiny
  • Learned Helplessness – tied elephant story
  • Quality of self is one’s reasonability, No blaming…
  • Be an optimist, Value people, Be true to yourself, Enjoy life – Celebration
  • Attention Networking: Networking is all about giving attention, Not in getting attention!



See you at National achievers conference 2015.


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