YouTube TV

Want to watch videos from YouTube at your comfort of your couch, Don’t have a smart TV, No worries.

All you need is

  • PC or Laptop – with connectivity to your TV (Name it as SCREEN)
  • Android device (Phone or Tablet) or Another laptop (Name it as REMOTE)
  • TV/Monitor with PC input via VGA or HDMI or DVI
  • Speakers (Optional if you have HDMI) or you can use Laptop’s build in speaker
  • Internet access – Off course!!

Don’t have TV, Then. All you can use is your computer / Android device to view videos.

The idea is to control YouTube (Running in SCREEN) using YouTube app (Running on REMOTE).

Wireup. Connect your laptop (SCREEN) to the Internet and to the TV/Monitor (if you have), Speakers…

1. Visit on your laptop (SCREEN) with your favorite browser (Say Chrome). You can go full screen (F11 – Toggle Full screen)

2. Pairing SCREEN and REMOTE

  • Open PAIR DEVICE option from Sign In & Settings on SCREEN (Use arrow keys Up/Down to choose Sign In & Settings and Left/Right to select PAIR DEVICE)
  • on REMOTE, Android device, Open YouTube App, Settings → “Add TV”, Enter the displayed Pairing code and “Add”. You can also do a QRCode scan.
  • on REMOTE, Non-Android device, Visit, Enter the Pairing code under New TV and click “Add this TV”

3. Search Videos in REMOTE and view it in SCREEN.

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